Why choose Techtown?

We focus on real-world, hands-on skills you can take back to work and use immediately.

Real, hands-on experience applicable to your job function is what differentiates our training. Too often students leave having learned material, but not having fully figured out how it applies to their unique situation. By giving you real, hands-on experience through labs that incorporate real workplace scenarios, our courses prepare you to implement new tools and techniques immediately. We go far beyond simple demos by having you get your hands dirty. You get real on-the-job experience in a safe classroom environment. You are presented with real-world problems in class so you are prepared to face them when they arise. We show you the good, the bad and the ugly of the product or technology. We pride ourselves on providing real, unbiased training.

Our Capabilities


It can be challenging to fix something that you don’t know is broken. Our assessments help identify areas of improvement so your company and people can scale.

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Adopting change can take time and can be frustrating. Our expert coaches are here to help motivate your teams, reinforce skills learned, and increase the probability that those new skills become instinctive and reusable.

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Advancing your skillset is vital to growing your business. All training includes hands-on, interactive exercises with real-world scenarios to guarantee your new skills can be implemented immediately.

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Our Purpose


Technology learning built for People. Value. Delivery.

Customer service

From day one every Techtown employee is taught about our customer service philosophy. It is one of the principles against which we measure company success. Each employee is empowered and trained to help you diagnose and address your most pressing needs. From our Fortune 100 clients to the folks new to our company and looking for a course, our team prides itself on going the extra mile. We all enjoy doing business with people we like, so we strive to provide you with an unrivaled customer experience.

Constantly-updated courses and material

Our product managers, research staff, and course directors continually update the content of every Techtown course. Built on a foundation of established practices, every Techtown course contains real-world tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and incorporates the latest research, practices and procedures. This is why we have grown our business over the years to include 5 training divisions that encompass most of today's largest skills gaps.

Coaches, consultants, partners

Through our custom training options we become valued partners of our customers. Whether you are looking to get your team up-to-speed quickly on the latest technology, need an expert resource to help with a deployment, or are looking to develop a custom training program for your company, Techtown can help. We pride our business on building lasting relationships with our customers to help them achieve business success. That is why so many companies turn to Techtown as their training resource and partner.

Expert, real-world instructors

All of our instructors are recognized experts in their field with hands-on, real-world experience on the topics they teach. We combine our proven adult educational training methods with leading-edge industry expertise to provide you with the best training experience possible.

“The effects of the [Techtown] training transcended from everyday tasks, to project-based work, all the way to how we plan for the future in the ever-changing field of IT, which was a huge benefit.”


–Senior Project Manager, Kent School District

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