Coaching from Techtown

Coaching is on-the-job facilitation of skills, tools and techniques. Your workers do, while your coach watches, comments and instructs.

It is a short-term engagement with the goal of getting your team up and running, then moving on to the next project.

The Benefits of Coaching

One of the best decisions an organization can make when faced with "failure" is to realize that there are problems occurring that the organization may not be able to identify or resolve on its own. These organizations will certainly benefit from the services of a coach. Making use of a coach brings with it a number of significant benefits that go beyond what can be achieved with other attempts at solving problems alone. Among these benefits, coaches:

  • Give your team the best chance to achieve immediate success with on-the-job training and growth.
  • Bring both tried and new practices and processes to the team and organization, reducing the degree of trial and error commonly found in homegrown experimentation.
  • Take time pressure off the managers and supervisors by providing extra guidance and management on a day-to-day basis until things are running well.
  • Bring an outside view of the organization, team and individuals, and remove intrinsic bias and interpersonal issues.
  • Provide needed learning and mentoring opportunities to the employees.
  • Collaborate with the managers and leaders to help the careers and growth of the organization's employees with feedback and suggestions.
  • Are organizationally agnostic and are not subject to the same pecking order, enabling them to tell the hard truths that may need to be said.
  • Work on themselves and their craft continuously to bring with them the latest knowledge and tools so companies benefit from their continuous improvement to get the best and latest.
  • Create an environment that allows teams to address the difficulties they face rather than sweep them under the rug.
  • Embrace the need for continued learning and strive to lead teams into embracing continued learning as well.


Add IT coaching or ITIL coaching to your onsite training to get even more out of your training dollars by adding on-the-job training and support to your custom course. The onsite program provides you the skills, tools and techniques necessary to do a specific function or job. The coaching portion allows you to take a selected segment and fully integrate the training into your day-to-day work.

When pairing coaching and onsite training:

  • You take what you learn and apply it directly to work
  • Your onsite instructor stays behind for one or two extra days
  • The instructor becomes a coach who supports the team as they integrate the skills they learn by providing on-the-job support
  • The coach's goal is to "teach the team to fish"

Coaching at its best is the continuation of learning through facilitated on-the-job implementation. It allows you to apply the training to very specific work situations, which will greatly increase the probability the skills that are taught become instinctive and reusable. Combining an onsite with coaching is a perfect way to quickly learn and integrate new skills, tools and techniques into your organization.

By adding onsite and consulting to your coaching, you can get even more from your training budget.