When Agile Developers Test Well

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Seminar Description:

Let’s face it – we developers have gotten sloppy with our testing over the years. Of course, some of us do a better job of testing than others. But we as a group can do much better. (Do your testers think you test well? -- I dare you to ask them!)

When we were riding our software development barrels over waterfalls, how well we tested was not our biggest issue. But as we become more Agile, we strip away the other things that contributed to the pain of the waterfall, and any lack of discipline with which we approach testing becomes obvious—and painful!

In Extreme Programming Explained, two of the 12 Practices Kent Beck described (Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration) point us to new ways of working that can really move the needle on quality and productivity. But those practices are only the beginning of the story. Merely doing that amount of testing doesn’t ensure quality and productivity; we need to learn to do all of that testing well!

In this webinar, we took a look at what it looks like when Agile developers do Unit Testing, Integraiton Testing, Functional Testing and Regression Testing, and when we do all of them well!

Presenter: Alan Koch

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