Self-organization: It is not Natural but it can Happen

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Seminar Description:

At the very foundation, I would even say the cornerstone of Agile is the concept of self-organization. It is about empowerment and autonomy pushed as close as possible to the work being. When executed correctly it is a strong first step on the road to embracing multiple agile practices. If your team can’t self-organize, it is a strong sign that your organization is not ready for agile.

In this presentation the concept of self-organization will be explain in real terms using real examples. From there the components necessary for self-organized success will be discussed including:

  • A look at autonomy and the fears and risks associated with it
  • Critical attributes of team members
  • Critical attributes for managers and leaders
  • Team responsibilities
  • Manager and Leader responsibilities
  • Techniques to hire for team members who can fit in with self-organization
  • Failure points and tips to overcome those points at the core of self-organization is trust.

At the core of self-organization is trust. The tactics and tips discussed will center on how to develop trust top done and bottom up. Self-organization ultimately centers on professional skills and empowerment.

Presenter: David Mantica  

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