Agile Teams Need Generalizing Specialists

Wed, March 16, 2016

Seminar Description:

A central tenet of the Agile methods is collaboration -- all participants in the project being actively involved with each other in all of the project work. While this sounds great in theory, it can be problematic in practice because all team members are not equal.

Most of the Agile methods describe team members as generalists. Some (for example, Extreme Programming) explicitly describe a team of generalists, with no team member owning code or any other thing, and all team members having the authority to do anything that is necessary to achieve the goals of the User Story at hand.

But can we achieve the Agile ideal of full and open collaboration when our team members are not generalists? Is there a place for specialists on Agile teams?

Topics covered:

  • Technical Experts, Agile Generalists, Generalizing Specialists on Agile Teams
  • The role of a specialist in Testing
  • The role of a specialist in Requirements Elicitation


Alan Koch

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