New Course: DevOps Simulation

TechtownWed, 04/04/2018 - 11:14

The DevOps Simulation Workshop is a powerful experiential workshop. An immersive face-to-face experience makes complex best practices, tools and transformations realistic for your teams in a quick and effective manner.

When asked to identify the biggest obstacle in adopting DevOps, most organizations cite “people” challenges as opposed to process, technology or information challenges. Resistance to change is natural, and the best way to overcome resistance is to clearly communicate the case for change with DevOps.

Utilizing the G2G3 DevOps Simulation, ASPE will send a certified facilitator to your location. Your group of 12-20 people will experience a highly interactive learning workshop that demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach at your organization. The simulation practices iterative “rounds” and uses game dynamics to mirror IT and Business interaction. The nature of this is based on behavioral psychology and experiential learning theories of David Kolb.

In  this course, you will:

  • Accelerate your organization’s adoption of DevOps
  • Turn DevOps opponents into advocates
  • Clearly communicate the DevOps case for change
  • Create a positive DevOps transformation culture
  • Create shared understanding for development and operations around how to work together as a high-performing, cross-functional team
  • Provide new practices that can be executed with immediate effect
  • Create the “A-HA” moment for your people

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