How to Get Started with Expanded Text Ads

Tina ArnoldiTue, 08/23/2016 - 10:22

Google’s announcement about Expanded Text Ads was a huge day for marketers. Their new format provides an opportunity for better messaging on the AdWords platform.  There are now two headlines rather than one, with a character count increase from 25 to 30 characters. The ad description is 80 characters which provides more space for an offer, and the URL can be customized, allowing up to 15 characters. This Expanded Text Ad announcement is one of those changes that advertisers must pay attention to since standard text ads cannot be created or edited after October 26th. For now though, you will see both expanded and standard text ads on Google.  However, since Expanded Text Ads will likely perform better than the standard text ads, do not wait until October to make this change. Here are some considerations for making the most of this new format.

Place your core message in the first headlines

Put the most important message in your headlines, especially the first headline. The larger size and bold font make the headlines stand out more than anything else in the ad and in the world of short attention spans, could be the only thing people see. Although you will not know for sure until you test, consider including the key call-to-action (CTA) in your headline rather than saving it for the description. With the standard text format, many saved the CTA for the end of the ad.

Preview your ads

In some cases, the two headlines will be on the same line and other times, there is a line break somewhere in headline two. What actually is seen in a search result depends on what device the searcher is on and the screen size. Other times, Google may even truncate the second headline as seen below so part of the second line may be lost. You want to see how your ad previews before you go live.