Changes in SAFe® 4.5 [Video]

TechtownFri, 04/13/2018 - 13:34

This video looks at the new characteristics of the SAFe® 4.5 Framework. As you may know, SAFe came into existence in 2011, and through the years has evolved. The most recent version to be released is SAFe 4.5, which has four major changes that are covered in this video. The first major change is the addition of four main levels. The levels are:

  1. The Evolution of Essential SAFe
  2. Portfolio SAFe
  3. Large Solution SAFe
  4. Full SAFe 4.5 The second major change, was the concept of UX and Lean Startup Design.

The third major change is the idea of scalable DevOps, which allows us to create continuous exploration, leading to continuous integration, finally to continuous deployment. The fourth and last major change is the update and expansion of the SAFe implementation. SAFe has introduced a roadmap to help learn organizations in the right direction for any step of the journey.