Corporate Training Programs

Enterprise Learning Programs to Grow your Company and your People

If you’re deploying training at a program level, we can assist you to whatever degree you need, from coordination to administrative support. No one understands organizational challenges better than us and our enterprise services deploy a full suite of solutions to address them. Our deep bench of experts can evaluate enterprise issues, train and develop your professionals, and support you with program rollouts with assessment services, coaching and more. With ongoing follow-up and enterprise support to ensure that development objectives are met, your organization will achieve the full potential of truly developed teams and staff.

How Onsite Training Works:

  1. Choose your topic or course
  2. Have a free consulting call with a Techtown advisor and Course Instructor
  3. Receive a SOW with pricing that is all inclusive of travel and materials with easy pay terms
  4. Select dates, times and location that work best for you and your team
  5. Have a pre-course call with your instructor 
  6. Techtown will take care of the rest so you team can enjoy a great training experience

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Analyze your team’s skills in Business Analysis, Project Management, or Agile. Learn more about how Techtown’s Skills and Competency Assessments will pinpoint your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine the training investments that make the most sense for your business.


Team training brings our experts and custom tailored content to you on your schedule, at your location or live online. Learn more about team training from Techtown.


Continue to reinforce what is learned from training through facilitated on-the-job coaching. By applying concepts from training to specific work situations, new skills begin to become instinctive and reusable. Combining onsite training and coaching is the most effective way to fully integrate what is learned into your daily work.