Corporate Training Programs

Grow the Talent You Hired

If you’re deploying training at a program level, we can assist you to whatever degree you need, from coordination to administrative support. 

You can rely on our enterprise services to deploy a full suite of solutions to address your everyday challenges. Our deep bench of experts can evaluate enterprise issues, train and develop your professionals, and support you with program rollouts with assessment services, coaching and more. 

Your organization’s teams and staff will achieve their full potential and meet your development objectives are met with our ongoing follow up and enterprise support.


corporate training programs


Assess & Advise

Our experts spend one or two days interviewing functional managers and team members, then reporting and advising leaders. We help you make more informed decisions and understand what’s working for others in the industry. 

We will identify your companies strengths and areas of improvement by building custom assessments to analyze your skills in the areas of Security, Amazon Web Services, Application Development and DevOps.

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Train & Learn

We offer many off-the-shelf workshops on technology tools and innovation practices. When combined with expert assessment, we are happy to provide you with recommendations on a learning roadmap that makes the best use of your training dollar. 

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Coach & Guide 

Every organization is different. Being at the table with your managers and in the classroom with your teams lets us provide guidance tailored for you. At the same time, our experience with many enterprise organizations allows us to share common themes and teach what works for you. 

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Solution Design 

Whether you need assistance with product strategy, software engineering, data science, or innovation and agility, we deliver customized training or guidance in any area of your work that is impacted by technology. 

Learn about the solution for The United States Patent and Trademark Office 

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Enterprise Team Training


Analyze your team’s skills in Business Analysis, Project Management, or Agile. Learn more about how Techtown’s Skills and Competency Assessments will pinpoint your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine the training investments that make the most sense for your business.


Team training brings our experts and custom tailored content to you on your schedule, at your location or live online. Learn more about team training from Techtown.


Continue to reinforce what is learned from training through facilitated on-the-job coaching. By applying concepts from training to specific work situations, new skills begin to become instinctive and reusable. Combining onsite training and coaching is the most effective way to fully integrate what is learned into your daily work.