Introduction to R

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Develop Core R Language Skills

This instructor led class is especially designed for people who are new to R or to any software languages. The class offers students a very detailed introduction to a core R language. After the completion of the class the students will be able to create and run their own R scripts. The class offers a very large number of exercises and problems that will help build R skills. The class may optionally offer an additional material related to statistical, data mining and machine learning analysis.

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Course Outline
  1. What is R?
  2. How to load R?
  3. RGUI environment.
  4. What are R packages and how to load them.
  5. Major R data (object) types.
  6. Working with R variables.
  7. Main R operations and functions to work with numerical data types.
  8. Major R operations and functions to work with strings.
  9. Main R Boolean operations.
  10. Running conditional expressions in R.
  11. Working with R loops.
  12. Introduction to R vectors and main operations on vectors.
  13. Working with R lists.
  14. R data frames and main operations on them.
  15. Working with R matrices.
  16. Reading from and writing to external files.
  17. Creating user defined functions.
  18. Running statistical analysis with R.
  19. Working with data mining problems.
Who should attend

Anyone who is new to R or to any software languages.