You cannot talk about implementing DevOps, becoming more agile, or changing your project and program management practices without talking about how those changes map to the funding and financial decisions of the organization. At the end of the day, the goal of these practices is to enable the business. Our finance training curriculum will help you make decisions about money and how initiatives are prioritized and funded to increase your company's overall agility.

It is easy to embrace agile values at an intellectual level. But when considering real-world financial controls, funding decisions, compliance and economic factors impacting the business, things must be measurable and accountable. We must demonstrate quantifiable financial criteria that both enable and hold us accountable for the outcomes of our agile practice.


Fortunately, this is a time of great innovation when it comes to the economics of technology projects and engineering work. Cross-functional teams, financial decision frameworks based on value, and new approaches to accountability for those who execute all combine to enable next-generation business agility and flexibility while satisfying and exceeding the need for financial clarity and accountability.

Techtown’s experts can evaluate, Coach and teach your teams how to seamlessly integrate finance, audit, compliance and funding requirements in a way that encourages and enables overall business agility.

  • Finance for the Non-Financial Executive

    2 Day
    3 Day
    Learn concepts, terms, and practices of Finance & Accounting to be an informed decision maker and make better, smarter financial decisions for your organization.